First Pikey Khiji Marathon

Marathon has been emerging trend in Nepal whether that be in towns or remotest locations of the country. Every year, marathons organized in various customized manner to suit the specific location or to suit the specific target audience. We have various examples such as the Kantipur…….marathon organized as full and half marathons, recently organized Pinkathon targeted at woman audience for ……purpose and other extreme and adventurous trail marathons such as (Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu).  Marathons in Everest and lower Everest region have been especially successful and popular both among foreign and local professional runners due to the extremity and international reknown involved and immediate highlight they bring to the winners, the endurance test of the participants and a new sense of achievement and experience they offer to the participants and organizers both. Inspired by all these successes, it was decided that the Pikey-Khiji marathon carries equal significance while being more accessible to the locals due to proximity to the local participants.

The basic program of the marathon will be like this: Arrive Pikey and stay overnight and in the morning run a full marathon to Khiji through the beautiful narrow pastureland covered on both sides by alpine vegetation along the Pikey-Demba ridge.  It will be logistically challenging due to the fact that runners will be staying overnight at pikey. But the success of the recently organized Thole-Demba fest proves that it will be manageable. We the organizers of this marathon were involved one way or another in the fest.  The purposes of Event:

  • To promote the area nationally and internationally
  • To promote sportsmanship
  • The first ever program of the kind. To participate youth of the area in max.
  • Local crafts and businesses promotion
  • The participants will enjoy splendid views around on the trail. The after event videos will be a big promotion.
  • The participation of recognized and famous athletes and dignitaries both local and international expected.



Lower Everest

trip start


trip end

Khiji Phalate