Arrival Instructions

Welcome to your Nepal adventure. Here are a few notes that will be useful for you during your arrival and departure to Nepal.

When you arrive at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport there are two separate visa counters, one for visitors with a visa, and another for those without. You will need to go to the counter labeled visitors without a visa.

Disembarkation forms and Visa Application forms are both available in the arrivals hall if you have not been supplied with them on the flight.

You will need 1 passport photograph for your visa application. If you do not have this you can obtain a photo in the arrivals hall at a cost of $10, but this takes time.

If you are on an expedition you need to get a 90-day visa, which costs $100. If you are on a trek, you only need to get a 30-day visa which costs $30.

It is best that you have a few $10 notes and give the correct amount, rather than pass over $100 as the officials sometimes do not have the correct change (dollars are best, but Pounds and Euros are also accepted.)

Your hand baggage will be checked through an x-ray machine upon arrival into the baggage claim area. Sometimes your hold baggage will also be put through an x-ray machine as you leave the baggage claim area, but normally not. Do not line up to do this unless you are instructed to do so.

Outside the arrivals hall, there will be a large group of taxi drivers and agents from many hotels and travel companies. Do not be hassled by these people. Stop and look carefully for a sign with the name Trekker Nepal and the Blue logo T-shirt. This agent will escort you to the driver who will take you to your hotel in Kathmandu. You do not need to pay this driver, as the transfer is included in your expedition/trek price.

Trekker Nepal will make all the arrangements for your domestic flights and all land transportation including hotel to airport and airport to the hotel. They will also arrange sightseeing and shopping as required. You just need to ask them to help you. A representative will also meet with you when you return to Kathmandu at the end of the trip.

Helicopter service is not included in the trip price but if required Trekker Nepal can arrange Helicopter Tour and Rescue. Beside that Trekker, Nepal can also organize mountain flight which is also not included in the trip price.

All Transport, food, and lodging during the trip (Trek / Expedition) from the trip start date to end date are covered by Trekker Nepal. Please refer to separate itinerary for further information.



In Kathmandu, you need to separate your equipment that you need to use during trek and equipment you need during the climbing (Expedition).

The equipment that you need for the approach you will take with you on the flight and should not be more than 20kg. The equipment that you pack for Base Camp will be taken directly to Base Camp by porters and should not be more than 30kg.

We will use local porters and/or yaks to carry equipment, but you will be expected to carry a small day bag pack with water, warm clothing and personal items such as cameras. This is also the case for the return trip from the treks and expeditions.

You should plan on leaving a small bag with a fresh change of clothing at the hotel in Kathmandu for your return. This will be stored in the Trekker Nepal office and should be clearly marked with your name.

Back in Kathmandu, a representative from Trekker Nepal will meet you at the domestic airport, and he/she will arrange to take you back to the hotel.

In the case of Expedition generally, the team has to wait for one or two days for their personal equipment to arrive back in Kathmandu. It is best that members take their personal baggage back home with them, rather than have it freighted. This saves considerable confusion.

Normally your departure flight home will have been re-confirmed by the time you reach Kathmandu. However, this may require a visit by you personally to the airline office if extra payment is required.