Our Story

Trekker Nepal was started by a group of trained and experienced trekking professionals (two distinct kinds) with a combination of both having long experience in the sector and young and energetic professionals with the fresh unorthodox look of the sector.

Nepal is a unique trekking destination due to the combination of various factors such as nature, geography, the presence of several kinds climate and weather within a small area, varieties of ethnic groups and their distinct culture and lifestyle, beautiful hills and tall mountains. We aim to deliver this uniqueness to our clients as closely as possible.

Nepal has many possible trekking areas but many of them remain in the shadow. We focus primarily on the less traveled and the unexplored areas of Nepal while also serving the popular trekking routes within Nepal. We have been making our effort to connect people and empower remote local communities through the connections we make.

Our members:

Wangda Sherpa founder of Trekker Nepal was born in a small village located in the lower Everest region called Phedi (Okhaldhunga) and completed his higher secondary education from his own village. After his high school, he worked as a porter for an American couple to Everest Base Camp. The trek went very well for him because the couple decided to sponsor him for university education in private college. He got the opportunity to study tourism for two years.

His father (Lakpa Sherpa) has been working in the trekking since last three decades as a certified trekking guide and he has earned good experience.  Therefore Trekker Nepal is a trekking company operated by family members.

Phurba Sherpa is a female guide and her aim is to climb Mt. Everest in near future therefore at the moment she is preparing for her big target by doing mountaineering related course (Basic Mountaineering, Advanced Mountaineering).

Trekking and Mountain climbing has been one of the main income sources for many Sherpa family. Sherpa is known by many people in the world because of hard working in the mountain and the world records set by the Sherpas to climb high mountains.

Sherpa lives in the mountain region of Nepal especially in the high altitude, therefore getting high altitude sickness is comparatively lower than other people. A recent research has revealed the biological functioning of Sherpas, saying Sherpa superhuman mountaineers. Sherpas are working in Mountaineering industry to set high camps, fix ropes and help during the climbing of high Mountains in the world.

The incomes of the trekking porters are not sufficient to support their children to get a quality education, therefore, Trekker Nepal aims to provide educational support to the children of trekking porters working in this company. To make a successful and enjoyable trip each and every trekking crew plays the same role, therefore, it is also important to make sure they also get a better life for themselves and their families. Trekker Nepal is very conscious on this issue so they give the same priority to all the staffs (Guide, Cook, Kitchen Staffs, and Porters).

Trekker Nepal’s aim is to create a working opportunity for the unemployed youth of Nepal because nowadays every day more than a thousand  young people they just leave the country to get some money to support their family. In the future, we aim to provide direct financial assistance in their children’s education if the company grows large enough to sustain such costs.

At the moment, Trekker Nepal is working together with charity organization from the UK to reconstruct primary school in lower Everest region (Okhaldhunga), the school was completely destructed by the earthquake 2015.

Lower Everest Region has very high trekking potential, beautiful mountain views, diverse culture, traditions, customize trekking route and itinerary (from short to long trek), high Mountain View zones are the main attractions of Lower Everest Region but it is still not discovered largely. As being a local of this region Trekker Nepal’s first priority is to promote trekking routes located in Lower Everest Region.

We invite you to join us for a wonderful and memorable trekking experience in Nepal. We would love to hear inquiries from you.

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